The Database for Imaging Multi-spectral Instruments and Tools for Radiometric Intercomparison (DIMITRI) manages L1 data from various medium resolution imagers over terrestrial targets chosen for their radiometric properties and/or the availability of in-situ radiometric measurements. DIMITRI comes with a suite of tools that allow comparison of the L1 data originating from various sensors in the database at Top Of the Atmosphere (TOA) level.

DIMITRI was initially prototyped at ESA/ESTEC. It is currently maintained by ESA, ARGANS and MAGELLIUM.

You can request the DIMITRI software below.

Software Tools

DIMITRI has a user-friendly interface for reading the database and making intercomparisons over these sites based on user-selection of a reference sensor, against which other sensors are compared. The software package contains a suite of IDL routines (it can be run with a free IDL run time license). DIMITRI can be used for the intercomparison of TOA radiance and reflectance values within the 400nm – 4μm wavelength range; this is generally known as Level 1b Earth Observation (EO) satellite data. DIMITRI offers the following capabilities and functionalities:

  • Product reader and data extraction routines
  • Comparison of satellite data based on user defined cloud screening parameters as well as temporal, spatial and geometric matching
  • Extracted Top of Atmosphere (TOA) reflectance time series and variability
  • Updated radiometric recalibration & bidirectional reflectance distribution function (BRDF) modelling
  • Rayleigh and Sun glint TOA intercomparison with modelled data
  • L1b auxiliary data extraction (e.g. ozone, water vapour)
  • Quicklook generation with Region of Interest (ROI) overlays
  • Automated & manual cloud screening of new products
  • CSV outputs and improved JPGs
  • Interactive Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and Data visualisation tool
  • Absolute angular matching criteria
  • Instrument spectral response comparison tool

More information can be found in the Software User Manual.

Montage of DIMITRI GUI

Screenshots of the DIMITRI interface


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Algorithm Theoretical Baseline Documents

Rayleigh Scattering Methodology for Vicarious Calibration VIEW

Radiometric monitoring using oceanic sites VIEW

Interband Vicarious Calibration over Sun glint VIEW

Band-to-band intercalibration using the sun glint over ocean VIEW

Sensor to simulation intercomparison over Desert-PICS VIEW

Radiometry monitoring using Desert sites VIEW

Sensor to simulation intercomparison over Snow-PICS VIEW

Interband Vicarious Calibration over Deep Convective Cloud VIEW

Radiometry monitoring over Deep Convective Cloud VIEW


Private Section Access


Last News


DIMITRI V4.7.0 is available now. The additions to this version are as follows:

  • Vicarious Calibration methods over DCC and SNOW
  • Synthesis-Plots unit of the calibration methods
  • Integration of installation testing unit
  • Integration of Sentinel-2a/b/c/d / MSI
  • Integration of Sentinel-3a/b/c/d / OLCI
  • Integration of Sentinel-3a/b/c/d / SLSTR
  • Integration of Landsat-8/9 / OLI
  • Correction of bugs

Sites, Location & Surface Type

DIMITRI employs user-defined sites for intercomparison purposes. Nonetheless, the following sites are pre-defined in the tool:

Algeria-3North AfricaDesert
Algeria-5North AfricaDesert
AmazonSouth AmericaVegetation
BoussoleLigurian SeaOcean
Libya-1North AfricaDesert
Libya-4North AfricaDesert
Mauritania-1North AfricaDesert
Mauritania-2North AfricaDesert
North East PacificPacific OceanOcean
North West AtlanticAtlantic OceanOcean
North West PacificPacific OceanOcean
South Indian OceanIndian OceanOcean
South Pacific GyrePacific OceanOcean
South West AtlanticAtlantic OceanOcean
East MediterraneanMediterranean SeaOcean
MaldivesMaldives ZoneCloud
IndonesiaIndonesian ZoneCloud
RadCalNetWorld wideDesert/Vegetation
Tuz GoluTurkeySalt lake
UyuniBoliviaSalt lake
DIMITRI Radiometric Target Sites

Radiometric Target Sites included in DIMITRI

Multi-spectral Instruments

Montage of ERS-2, Envisat, Parasol Aqua and SPOT

Platforms carrying instruments included in DIMITRI

Accessing to DIMITRI

DIMITRI software is accessible under request, For that purpose, please, show your interest in the e-mail address available below, by clicking in the button.

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Additional downloads

DIMITRI software requires further data to properly work. Apart from the tool (available under request), the following files are needed:

ERA/Interim Climatology data (last update: 19/05/2016 - 21 GB)

Quicklook for TDS/DB links (last update: 14/12/2023 - 73 KB)

AUX data files (last update: 13/06/2023 - ~2 GB)

LibRadTran 1.7 ( 60 MB)

OPAC Library for LibRadTran ( 835 MB)

Note that LibRadTran installation has external dependencies to be considered. Users shall go to this website for further details.

The Team

DIMITRI software is currently being developed and maintained by:

Marc BouvetTechnical OfficerESA/ESTEC
Bahjat AlhammoudProject ManagerARGANS
Cameron MackenzieEO ScientistARGANS
Beatrice BerthelotSenior ScientistMAGELLIUM
John HedleySenior ScientistNumerical Optics